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Youtuber as a profession

pasokontookaneHave you heard the word “YouTuber”?

YouTuber is a person who gets money by uploading movies to YouTube.

Is a YouTuber profession?  Or, is it just a hobby?

A survey has conducted as to whether YouTuber is considered profession or not.

Only a third admitted that it is a profession.  In other words, two thirds denied.

What do you think?  Is it a proper profession?

I think it is a good profession if he/she gets enough money as a YouTuber, and nobody can condemn him/her just because he/she is a YouTuber.

Come to think of the profession, a freelance writer does what he/she wants to do.  In that sense, a freelance writer is very similar to YouTuber.

In another sense, a freelance writer is different from a YouTuber in that he/she depends on publishers.  He/she has to meet the deadlines that publishers decide.  Therefore, a YouTuber is more independent than a freelance writer.

I believe that people who condemn YouTubers are people who has been doing jobs unwillingly to make money.

But, doing jobs unwillingly to make money is not noble.  I personally don’t respect that kind of person, even though I admit that such kind of people are necessary for the society.

We can choose our professions.  We can do whatever we want to do, on condition that it is accordance with the law.

For myself, I have been working as a freelance writer.  Therefore I know myself that doing what we want to do is the most difficult to make money.  Probably, to become a YouTuber who can make both ends meet is one of the most difficult things.  I envy the person who can make both ends meet as a YouTuber.

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