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What is the purpose of learning?

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To my amazement, a lot of top-notch university students commit crimes.

Why?  Had not they learned a lot to enter their universities?  Had not they opened the Rational?

To my regret, we have to say that if a person commits a crime, he/she had not opened the Rational enough.

Let me introduce the Swedenborg‘s word concerning the Rational.


The Rational is opened to the first degree by civil truths, to the second degree by moral truths, and to the third degree by spiritual truths.  But is is to be known, that the Rational is not formed and opened by the man’s knowledge of those truths, but by a life according tot them; and by living according to them is meant loving them from spiritual affection.  To love truths from spiritual affection is to love what is just and equitable because it is just and equitable, what is sincere and upright because it is sincere and upright, and what is good and true because it is good and true.  To live according to them and to love them form corporeal affection, is to love them for the sake of self, its reputation, honour, or gain.  Therefore as far as man loves these truths from corporeal affection, he does not become rational, because he does not really love them.

By the way, I have once sued a company.  Two lawyers defended their company.  Both of them have graduated from first rate universities.

Both lawyers appeared very intelligent.  In my country, lawyer is the most prestigious profession, and to become one demands a lot of learning.

But they lied a lot.  I was totally shocked. I wondered what had they learned?  Had not opened the Rational?

When one and half years passed, both lawyers began apologizing for me.

The ultimate purpose of learning is to open the Rational.  Plainly speaking, to become a better man.

To learn just in order to gain good salary, earn reputation, or fame cannot open the Rational.

I believe that the essence of learning is to open the Rational.  In other words, to become a better man.

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